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Raising the bar on prevention: WHSC 2016/2017 Annual Report now online

Raising the bar on prevention: WHSC 2016/2017 Annual Report now online
Some 73,000 participants received Workers Health & Safety Centre training last year, just one of the noted accomplishments in WHSC’s 2016/2017 Annual Report now available online.

WHSC has always set a high standard for health and safety training. In 2016/2017 however, we clearly saw the power of higher quality mandatory training standards. The year was a banner one for WHSC, as we met increased demand for mandatory programs, including Working at Heights and JHSC Certification. But this surge also saw an uptake in WHSC labour programs and fee-for-service training.

The WHSC 2016/2017 Annual Report, Raising the Bar on Prevention: Setting the standard for prevention, additionally details WHSC’s challenge to sustain its effective training approach. Drawing upon its base of support, WHSC organized a learning conference for its qualified instructors and worker advocates to explore the many threats to quality training. Chief among these threats are other training standards, already legislated or proposed by the Prevention Office, which have had the effect of replacing effective training based on adult learning principles with ineffective online information. You can read special coverage of this conference and a recap of recent research regarding the deficiencies of these standards in the 2016/2017 Annual Report.

Other Report details include considerable WHSC efforts in program development, instructor development, outreach to our constituents, clients and the public, information services and volunteer recognition.

Despite the challenges, Dave Killham, WHSC executive director, concludes it was a remarkable year. “What defines health and safety training is increasingly under threat in this province. Fortunately, if the last year is any indication, many more have come to trust WHSC’s proven and effective training. Workplace health and safety representatives know, when equipped with our training, they are better able to raise their own workplace standards for prevention.”  

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