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Still time to complete workplace violence and harassment survey

Still time to complete workplace violence and harassment survey
The federal government is asking Canadians to share their experiences and insight into harassment and violence at work.
According to the government, they are seeking to gather a wide range of information including the types of risks contributing to violence and harassment at work. Further, they are looking for information regarding preventive measures and supports currently provided in workplaces, plus resources that would be useful towards achieving workplaces free of violence and harassment.  
This survey is framed as part of the Government of Canada’s wider action plan “to ensure that federal workplaces are free from harassment and sexual violence.” Though, they want to hear from all Canadians on this important topic and not just those employed in federally regulated workplaces.
This online consultation ends this Thursday, March 9, 2017. To encourage participation, information provided through the survey will remain confidential.
Both federal and provincial laws place significant obligations on employers to ensure safe work environments.
The Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) offers a three-hour Workplace Violence and Harassment program designed to help workplace parties better understand the issues and to fully comply with the legal obligations here in Ontario. Be sure to check out WHSC’s compliance checklists for employers and workers and related fact sheets.
Want to offer your experience(s) and input by completing the Canadian Perspectives: Workplace Harassment and Violence survey?

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