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WHSC Conference aims to confront threats to quality worker training

WHSC Conference aims to confront threats to quality worker training

June 24 and 25, Toronto, ON

Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) training as our movement knows and values is under significant threat.

Many, including the Ministry of Labour Prevention Office, responsible for setting health and safety training standards in Ontario, do not support proven and effective training methods and approaches. Rather they promote:  information instead of quality training; victim blaming instead of hazard control; and pass/fail tests that could ultimately deny workers employment, instead of instructor support and evaluation techniques aimed at ensuring required learning takes place.

WHSC’s upcoming conference entitled, Learning and Leading for Life will confront these threats. Through plenary discussions and practical, hands-on workshops we will address the following questions:
  • What is training and how does it fit in the workplace health and safety program?
  • How can we ensure learning without using exam-style testing?
  • What is the role of experience, assessment and practice?
  • How can we design training for workers regardless of literacy or numeracy levels?
  • How can adult learning principles be applied to e-learning?
  • What does an effective training standard look like?
  • Who and what should be subject to mandatory training standards?
  • What will it take to develop and implement these standards?

As a labour activist we need you to be a part of this conference. More important we need you to take our collective deliberations back to your workplaces and unions. Workers and their representatives deserve the highest quality training possible. Working together, we can be heard and more important, we can succeed.

Register today! Help us form and implement an effective action plan. To secure your spot just download, complete and send us the registration form.

Please share news of the conference with other union leaders, union health and safety activists or union educators. Just download and forward the conference flyer.

Any questions or concerns, call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a WHSC training services representative.