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Windsor labour council to host worker health and safety conference

Windsor labour council to host worker health and safety conference
The Windsor and District Labour Council (WDLC) invites all worker health and safety activists, representatives and advocates to attend a conference slated for this October.
Entitled, Exploring History to Educate and Motivate for Safer Workplace, the Windsor-area conference aims to inspire renewed commitment to worker health and safety.
The conference will begin with a keynote address, panel and reception the evening of Friday, October 16 and continue all day, Saturday, October 17.
Tracie Edward, a member of the WDLC health and safety committee, is helping to coordinate the conference. Edward observes, “The need for safer and healthier workplaces is not new, our history is rife with past fights for safer, healthier work. But our history is also a proud record of many important victories on behalf of                                                                                            workers. We can learn from these wins. They can help point our way forward.”
Edward says she knows many dedicated health and safety activists and advocates who are sometimes discouraged because they are working hard and often not seeing results, herself included. “We all need support from time to time. We need an infusion of fresh energy. We need a space to exchange ideas and draw strength from our past.”
To this end, the WDLC has pulled together a host of experienced labour health and safety activists and advocates to share their stories of struggle and success in the hopes that this will spark broader conversation and action. Panelists include: Nancy Hutchison, Ontario Federation of Labour;  Nancy Johnson, Ontario Nurses Association; Dave Killham, Workers Health & Safety Centre; Blain Morin, Canadian Union of Public Employees; Gary Parent, former WDLC president; Mark Parent, Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers; and John Perquin, United Steelworkers.
In addition, conference participants will benefit from several workshops all aimed at renewing health and safety strategies on such key issues as worker training and prevention of workplace violence, and on a host of fronts, including at the bargaining table and in the legislature.
For more information be sure to download this conference flyer.
For our part, WHSC offers a catalogue of training programs and resources to help workers and their representatives identify, assess and control workplace hazards and better understand and exercise all of their legal rights and responsibilities. 

We also offer a number of labour education programs aimed at supporting worker health and safety activism.
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