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Hazard Resource Lines Library


Having access to current and trusted information is important for anyone concerned with workplace health and safety.

WHSC publishes and updates single sheet bulletins helping to raise awareness of specific occupational hazards or issues.

As a WHSC member you have access to our complete library of more than 40 hazard bulletins, also known as Resource Lines. Download and share electronic copies, or secure print copies by dropping us a line at or calling 1-888-869-7950 and asking to speak to a WHSC training service representative.

Do you need information now on a hazard or issue not currently covered by WHSC resource lines? Access our free online inquiry service.

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Anthrax: be prepared
Manual Material Lifting: a pain in the neck, back …
Asbestos: towards zero exposure
Mercury: when a little goes a long way
Behaviour-Based Safety: the blame game
Metal Working Fluids: cutting the risks
Beryllium: metal alert
Mould: no amount of mildew
Cold Stress: a chilling effect
MSDs of the Upper Body: from recognition to resolution
Confined Spaces: within the confines of the law
Needlestick Injuries: sharper response
Diesel Exhaust: it takes your breath away
Noise: a resounding problem
Domestic Violence in the Workplace: breaking the silence
Occupational Asthma: clearing the air
Electrical Arc Safety: setting the standard
Occupational Cancer: a preventable epidemic
Electrical Hazards: taking charge
Patient Lifting: handle with care
EMFs: the power of “prudent avoidance”
Pesticides: designed to kill
Endocrine Disruptors: playing havoc with our hormones
Prolonged Standing: taking the load off
Fragrances: a no-non-scents approach
PVC: Pandora’s poison
Heat Stress: cool solutions
Second-Hand Smoke: unclouding the issue
Hours of Work: a timely issue
Shift Work: disrupting worker health and lives
Indoor Air Quality: every breath you take
Silica: dust to dust no more
Influenza Pandemic Planning: time to get ready
Sitting on the Job: static load, chronic pain
Ionizing Radiation – X-Rays: excess baggage
Solvents: a threat to workers and their children
Latex: a hypersensitive issue
West Nile Virus: deadly defense
Lead: a lasting legacy
Work Stress: burnt out, fed up and fighting back
Legionella: hazards in the mist
Working Alone: it takes two … workers
Lighting Hazards: what you don’t see can hurt you
Working at Heights: breaking the fall
Lockout: de-energizing hazards
Workplace Harassment: from investigation to prevention
Machine Safeguards: access denied
Workplace Violence: predictable and preventable