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A closer look at WHSC’s new Certification Refresher program

A closer look at WHSC’s new Certification Refresher program
On March 1, 2016, Ontario’s new Certification Program Standard took effect establishing, for the first time, a requirement for certified members of JHSCs in Ontario to complete MOL-approved refresher training to maintain certified status.
In fact, they must complete this program within three years of completing Certification Part II and every three years thereafter. Those who don’t maintain Certification status will have to retrain in all parts of Certification training to regain their certified status. Like all Certification training, this refresher program must be delivered by an MOL-approved provider.
As announced last month, WHSC is now MOL-approved to deliver its Certification Refresher training. As a WHSC-qualified instructor you will want to know how this program is structured. Essentially, it is divided into three modules and delivered over six hours. It is applicable to all provincially-regulated workplaces.

Module One

Key concepts from Certification training are re-examined including specific duties and responsibilities for JHSC members, employers and other workplace parties as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). In keeping with the hazard-based approach to protecting workers which forms the basis of OHSA, discussions will re-visit the shortcomings of behaviour-based safety and why hazard elimination or exposure control is most effective in safeguarding worker well-being and meeting legal obligations. The module concludes with buzz groups completing a worksheet applying the recognition, assessment, control and evaluation (RACE) process to a hazard(s) in need of addressing in one of their workplaces. 

Module Two

The PowerPoint presentation for this module is divided into five key areas of changes in terms of occupational health and safety over the past few years including legislative, science, court rulings, emerging issues and new tools. Interactive discussions focus not only on what is new or changed, but also how this information applies to participants’ workplaces. The module concludes with a worksheet activity requiring participants to focus on changes that have significance to their own workplaces. Participants are provided a stand-alone resource manual that provides a review of new or amended legislation/guidelines/standards over the past three years. WHSC will work continuously to ensure this resource manual remains current.

Module Three

Participants update an earlier brainstorm list of the various resources JHSC members can use to identify workplace hazards. An active lecture is then utilized to discuss the inadequacies of allowable exposure limits for various hazards including noise and toxic chemicals in terms of protecting worker health. Questionable “industry” best practices as they relate to safety and health are also explored. With the aid of the hazard management tool, participants complete a worksheet activity that refers back to the changes to the occupational health and safety landscape over the past few years. A follow up discussion and brainstorm activity of the challenges and solutions to implementing effective health and safety practices ends the session.
Being an MOL-accredited program, as the training progresses, instructors are required to observe and document participants’ achievement of the learning objectives on the provided forms.
Certification Refresher is available for booking now. Contact a WHSC training service representative for more details or to organize training.
Call: 1-888-869-7950
Editor’s Note:
Anyone certified since March 2016 is required to complete Certification Refresher training within three years of completing Certification Part II and every three years thereafter. Unfortunately, the MOL Prevention Office excluded previously certified members from the standard. This said, clearly training renewal will benefit all certified members and the workplaces they serve. WHSC encourages employers to provide WHSC Certification Refresher training to all certified members regardless of the 2016 cut off.