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Basic Certification — WHSC program receives critical updates and improvements

Basic Certification — WHSC program receives critical updates and improvements
Workers Health & Safety Centre staff are stocking our shelves with the newly released Basic Certification training program, Version 6.0. Of course, a WHSC Training Services representative must ensure all instructors have a copy of the new program prior to its delivery.
Changes for the most part will address provisions of Bill 168, Ontario’s new workplace violence law as well as changes to reflect feedback from instructors and program participants. Administrative changes were also implemented to improve program layout and flow.
Accordingly please note the following changes:
  • Background material now includes a section describing the right to refuse as it relates to Bill 168. The new bill amends Section 43 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act giving workers the right to refuse work if workplace violence is likely to endanger the worker.
  • Background material now has added material addressing the right to refuse with respect to workers who, under certain conditions, have a limited right to refuse under the Act.
  • With the passing of Bill 168, the background material describing workplace violence as an “emerging” issue has been removed. Workplace violence is now addressed more extensively as an important health and safety issue.
  • Information has been added to background material and detail session plans (DSPs) to promote the use of WHSC’s Violence Risk Factor Selector tool in identifying workplace violence hazards.
  • Ontario Regulation 243/95 sets out a list of criteria to be used by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) when considering an application for a unilateral work stoppage. The application process and the criteria are represented with further details in the background material.
  • Information has been added to the background material describing a case brought before the OLRB for the purpose of decertifying a certified member.
  • Background materials affected by the consolidated Designated Substances Regulation (DSR) have been rewritten. As of July 1, 2010 Ontario Regulation 490/09 came into effect, consolidating 11 DSRs into one.
  • Information has been added to the DSPs to capture the explanation of the government’s role in the international responsibility system (IRS) as depicted by the IRS chart in the module.
Also new to Version 6.0, at the beginning and end of each module, there are additional overheads stating the module’s objectives. Overheads have been renumbered as necessary to reflect changes in DSPs, structure of the session and list of overheads.
With Version 6.0 the program has also received an overall review. Any typos and other errors have been corrected in both background materials and the DSPs.
Want to know more about Basic Certification, Version 6.0?  Call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a training services representative or contact a WHSC office near you.