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Errata – Basic Certification Version 7

Errata – Basic Certification Version 7
Worksheet 1 of module 12 (Hazard Assessment) of Basic Certification allows participants to practice and demonstrate their knowledge of how to calculate time-weighted average exposure limits and use the table of substances in the Control of Bio/Chem Agents regulation.
The substance used as an example in the worksheet is trichloroethylene (tri-chloro-ethylene). With the recent changes to the Control of Bio/Chem Agents regulation, the occupational exposure limits of this substance are no longer found in the regulation (for further information about these changes, review the WHSC’s April 10 Instructor E-notes which is available in the instructor area of the WHSC web site).
Until Basic Certification version 8 is released, WHSC will ship version 7 with replacement handouts (and an answer sheet) using carbon monoxide as the example substance in Worksheet 1 in module 12. To avoid confusing and frustrating participants, please ensure the replacement worksheet is used.
Contact your WHSC representative for further information or to obtain additional copies of the revised worksheets.