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Help us get WHSC training to workers

Help us get WHSC training to workers
As a WHSC-qualified Instructor you know Ontario employers are legally charged with the greatest responsibility for workplace health and safety. You also know employer duties for training are many. Trouble is, for a variety of reasons, too many employers are not living up to their full obligations.
As Ontario’s only government-designated, labour-endorsed training centre, the Workers Health & Safety Centre remains dedicated to changing this dynamic, to getting potentially life-saving occupational health and safety training into the hands of workers and their representatives. Working with our constituency, clients and you, our instructors, we have been doing so for some 30 years. But for too many workers, their families and communities it isn’t enough.
We need your help like never before. We need you to help spread the word about employer obligations and the WHSC’s ability to support their efforts to meet them.
Please begin by reminding your own employer, joint health and safety committee and/or worker representative that Ontario law now requires awareness training for workers and supervisors. Please stand with us in demanding more than online information to meet this requirement.
Be sure and communicate too, the many other necessary training requirements including:
  • Certification Part I and II for at least one worker and one employer JHSC  representative
  • WHMIS, plus new GHS rules for chemical classification and labelling.
  • Violence and harassment training for all workplace parties
  • Training for Mobile Equipment Operator Competency
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Needlestick and sharps training
  • Confined Space Entry training
  • Working at Heights training.

Of course by law employers must also provide information and instruction to workers to protect their health and safety. And training is a key way employers meet this obligation.

WHSC offers training to meet all of these training requirements.

To help communicate the need for occupational health and safety training and how WHSC best develops and delivers this training be sure to visit the WHSC website — There you will find a host of tools and content to help make the case for the kind of training workers both trust and deserve. Check out the following:

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Thank you for supporting our mutual goal of creating safer and healthier Ontario workplaces.