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Lockdown: A Crisis Response ─ a new WHSC program release

Lockdown: A Crisis Response ─ a new WHSC program release
This three-hour training program is developed in response to incidents of random violence in schools, colleges, and universities. It is designed to equip participants with information and practical tools that will enable them to review and assess their existing lockdown plan and make recommendations for corrective action and adjustments or develop a new plan.
The program addresses the components of an emergency or crisis preparedness plan and explains how a lockdown response fits within the overall plan. It also covers applicable laws, policies as well as guidelines for developing and maintaining lockdown procedures in schools, colleges and universities.
The training program addresses the nine principles of an effective lockdown plan. Generally, the plan should:

  1. protect all persons in the facility
  2. consider the safety of and security of each employee to be equal and valuable
  3. communicate with all people who may potentially become exposed
  4. consider all situations and be effective in all situations
  5. perform drills and exercises for a variety of situations to evaluate responses
  6. use technology and tools to minimize worker and student exposure
  7. ensure the effectiveness of the communications system in providing necessary information to all persons with assigned roles in the plan
  8. designate a competent person to be in charge of the communications centre and command post at all times
  9. ensure that all staff receives training and education in their roles and responsibilities.

Participants will also learn about key elements that should be included in the planning such as the importance of using consistent terms, planning evacuation routes, identifying safe shelter, accommodating disabled staff and students, identifying vulnerable areas, providing worker education, and performing lockdown drills.

Delivery techniques

In delivering this training program instructors will use a combination of active lectures, PowerPoint presentations and group exercises.

Worksheets and exercises

There are four worksheets. Worksheet #1 addresses principles of an effective lockdown plan. For this exercise participants work in buzz groups. The instructor will post the above mentioned nine principles of a lockdown plan (supplied on 8.5 x 11 paper) and direct participants to discuss each principle and match them to different lockdown situations. Examples of two scenarios are included but participants are encouraged to think of others. The matches are posted on the wall and discussed by the whole group.
Worksheet #2 is about evaluating a lockdown plan. Following an active lecture discussing elements of an effective lockdown plan, participants evaluate their own workplace lockdown plans. If they do not have a plan, they can select from one of four sample plans provided in resource sheets one through four. Instructors should instruct participants to review plans using the Assessment Toolkit for Lockdown found in Resource Sheet 5 as an aid. In evaluating the plan instructors will inform participants to look to answer questions such as “What’s good in the plan?” and “What’s missing?”
The program highlights the value of joint health and safety committee and worker participation in developing a lockdown plan. This point is further emphasized with the activity on Worksheet #3 which addresses roles and responsibilities of individuals in a lockdown plan. Instructors will divide participants into three groups and assign each group one of the four questions from this worksheet. The small groups will discuss their answers with the whole class.
If there are participants who have experienced a lockdown procedure, the instructor may group them separately and have them discuss their experience and share with the whole group.
Worksheet #4 discusses the life cycle of a lockdown plan stressing the need for assessment and reassessment of the plan. Participants will work in buzz groups to discuss how the situation outlined in the exercise fits within the cycle.
Lockdown: A Crisis Response is available for booking now by contacting a WHSC training service representative.
A brief course description is available on the WHSC online Training Catalogue where you can also Request a Quote for onsite delivery of this course.