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WHSC launches new propane operator program

WHSC launches new propane operator program
The Workers Health & Safety Centre new Propane for CH-O2 ROT training program is designed to provide participants with the skills and health and safety knowledge they need to operate construction propane torches and heaters up to 400,000 BTU/h. 
To work with propane and use propane fuelled equipment workers must hold a CH-02 (Construction Heater Operator 2) certificate from an accredited training facility. This WHSC training program meets and surpasses the regulatory requirements of the Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA) and its regulations.
The training program includes in-class and hands on instruction and runs for six to eight hours depending on number of participants and their individual skill level.
A WHSC CH-02 certified instructor first facilitates an in-class session on propane characteristics and applicable legislation, plus proper propane handling, storage and use. This session employs a variety of adult learning techniques including active lectures, brainstorming sessions, video clips, PowerPoint presentations, resource materials and handouts.
At the end of this session participants are required to demonstrate they have gained knowledge and understanding of the material by successfully completing and passing three written evaluation worksheets.
The second half of the program is mostly spent in a field-setting where the instructor will first demonstrate safe propane handling skills such as inspection, transfer, storage and use. Then, with the instructor checking and evaluating their performance, participants will practice their newly acquired skills. The practical instructions include how to correctly manifold three cylinders together, connect construction heaters and torches to cylinders, and safely start up and shut down all equipment.
The training concludes back in the classroom with participant watching a video clip on proper steps required to exchange cylinders on a propane powered forklift. Included in the participants’ material are checklists for each procedure along with the background resource material they can refer to when/if needed on the jobsite.
Upon successfully completing the training program, participants will be certified to safely connect, activate and disconnect propane torches and heaters, up to 400,000 BTU/h – fulfilling the training requirements of the TSSA and the Fuel Industry Certificate regulation 215/01.
Participants will receive a Record of Training (ROT) certificate. The CH-02 certificate is valid for three years from the date of training.
Note: This is a new training program meeting TSSA requirements for CH-O2. It does not replace WHSC three-hour Propane and six-hour Propane Handling, Storage and Use training programs.   
See our training catalogue for more information about this and other WHSC training program.