Workers Health & Safety Centre

WHSC releases Welding Hazards Version 3.0

WHSC releases <i>Welding Hazards</i> Version 3.0
The Workers Health & Safety Centre has revised the Welding Hazards training program to include the following core elements:
  • Health and Safety Policy and Program
  • Chemical Hazard Framework
  • Assessing Chemical Hazards.
Each of the above topics represents a chapter in the participant’s manual. Corresponding sections in the structure of the session and instructor’s notes are in shaded text or grey boxes for ease of reference. Instructors can omit these sections during presentations that do not require delivery of the core elements.
Version 3.0 of the training program also includes a new material safety data sheet for acetone ― resource sheet 1. The program also updates the table on occupational exposure limits (OELs) to reflect changes to the regulation for Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents (O. Reg. 833).
The training materials include additional slides to address the core principle chapters and to correspond to the revised detailed session plan.