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WHSC releases new combined Construction/Industrial Forklift Operator training

WHSC releases new combined Construction/Industrial Forklift Operator training
The Workers Health and Safety Centre now offers a single forklift training program designed for operators of various forklifts used in the construction sector.
Delivered over two days, the Construction and Industrial Forklift Operator Training introduces participants to the theoretical and practical aspects of operating both rough terrain and industrial forklifts.
The in-class session, delivered on day one, explores the basics of safe operation such as selection, pre-start inspection, stability, lift capacity, principle of counterbalance theory and restricted view awareness. The program offers a review of legislation, guidelines and standards governing the use of forklifts. Also covered are the general hazards faced by operators in rough terrain environments as well as industrial settings.
The hands-on practicum, delivered on the second day, affords each participant an opportunity to operate rough terrain and industrial forklifts. The practicum sessions are recorded on two triplicate NCR forms. One form is completed by each participant during forklift inspections, the other by the instructor overseeing the operational practicum. One set of each form will be issued to the participant for every forklift on which they prove competency. 
The WHSC will issue a Record of Training (ROT) to participants that successfully complete the program.
Each participant receives a separate training manual for both rough terrain and industrial forklifts. These manuals are used during the training and serve as excellent resources post-training.   
The instructor manual and presentation resources are combined for ease of delivery. The program is divided into five training sessions including the practicum. Six videos are embedded in the presentation. Participants work in buzz groups to complete three worksheets.
*Note: This program was developed to meet standards outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Safety Standard for Lift Trucks.
For more information or to book this training contact a WHSC training service representative at 1-888-869-7950.