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WHSC updates Rough Terrain Forklifts Training Module

WHSC updates Rough Terrain Forklifts Training Module
This significantly revised program focuses on the specific training needs of Rough Terrain Forklift (RTFL Class 7) operators in the construction sector and related trades. The RTFL program remains the same length, six hours of classroom instruction followed by a practicum session. The practicum will usually occur on a separate day at an appropriate on-site facility.

Changes to organization and structure

  • The Session Plan is organized into four modules: 1) Introduction to RTFL 2) Health and Safety Hazards of RTFLs 3) Law and RTFL Operation 4) RTFL Operating Rules and Safe Practices.
  • The participant’s manual is now in a handy pocket-sized booklet formatted for easy reference on the job site. Information has been condensed significantly for quick, convenient use.

Changes to content

  • Information required by the RTFL operator has been increased while information relevant only to certified members, committees or worker representatives, such as how a bill is made law, etc., has been removed (more details below).
  • Module 1 has been revised to focus on the basic principles of RTFL operation. Legislative references are minimized and/or subject matter referenced in Module 3. References to operator training and safe work procedures have been moved to modules 3 and 4.
  • Module 2 is reorganized to discuss RTFL hazards first. A number of specific hazards are addressed at length, including rollovers, overhead power lines and heat and cold stress to name a few. RTFL control measures are classified within the hierarchy of controls. The information on safe work procedures is reduced or moved to Module 4.
  • Module 3 is revised significantly. The module now emphasizes what workers need to know about their rights and duties by law. Workers will review their three basic rights under the OHSA, especially worker representation on construction sites. The program further overviews requirements under the Construction Projects Regulation including daily RTFL inspections and safe operating procedures. The new program contains checklists to assist operators with these tasks. 
  • Module 3 no longer contains information on how a bill is made law, legal definitions, the bilateral and unilateral work stoppages and the five parts of the Regulations for Construction Projects.
  • Module 4 is reorganized for better comprehension. The new order of topics is:
    1. Operators’ Responsibilities
    2. Rough Terrain Forklift Inspection
    3. Rough Terrain Forklift Maintenance
    4. Operation Start-Up
    5. Operation Control Functions
    6. Operational Techniques
    7. Procedures for Leaving a Rough Terrain Forklift
    8. Mount and Dismount Techniques
    9. Travelling Operating Rules
    10. Load Pick-Up and Load Deposit
    11. Shut Down Procedures
    12. Elevating Personnel-preparing for the lift and performing the lift
    13. Restricted View Awareness
    14. Use of Signalers for Rough Terrain Forklift Use
    15. Rollover Emergency Procedures
    16. Emergency Procedures to Avoid a Worker/Pedestrian.

Resource Sheets and Worksheets

  • Information from all resources sheets has been incorporated into the new participant manual.
  • Worksheets have been consolidated into Worksheet #1 and moved to Module 3. It has been streamlined to allow for better flow and also addresses material from Modules 1 and 2. Further it includes more questions on RTFL hazards and related health effects. Additional questions evaluate participant’s knowledge of not only the OHSA, but RTFL related provisions under the Construction Projects Regulation and relevant CSA standards. The worksheet is still completed in a buzz group format.

Practicum and Evaluation

  • The practicum and related evaluation form has been revised for easier use by instructors performing the evaluation. The revised form will incorporate relevant criteria outlined in the CSA standard.

Audio visual aids

  • The new Power Point reflects the flow of the revised background material.

Instructional techniques

  • Only a competent worker can operate a RTFL according in to section 96(1) of the Construction Regulations. CSA Standard B335-94 for Industrial Lift Truck Operator Training outlines criteria for the training and practicum for RTFL operators. As such only qualified RTFL operators can instruct this WHSC program.