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Association of Canadian Ergonomists invites research proposals

The Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC) of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) is accepting research proposals on certain topics of current interest to OERC for 2013.

A list of the research topics can be found on the website under the following categories: 

  1.   Input Technologies
  2.   Hardware Platforms & Accessories
  3.   Software User Interface Design
  4.   Output Technologies
  5.   Work Environments/Scenarios
  6.   Mobile Devices and Accessories
  7.   Software Use Interface (UI) Design
  8.   Collaborative Environments and Technologies
  9.   Training/Intervention
10.   Risk Management and Prevention

Topics that are of “special” interest are presented in bold italic.

The proposal should be two to five pages in length and must include among other things, the following: 
  • a summary review of the literature that characterizes the pros and cons regarding the question of interest and advances and supports the research problem. The literature review is not expected to be exhaustive but any literature cited should be included in a reference list at the end of the proposal.

  • a clear concise statement of the research objective(s), independent and dependent variables and the research hypotheses.

  • a description of the research methodology, including the number of participants, apparatus, procedures and so on.

  • a cost estimate for the study (the total amount of funding requested from OERC), including all funds expected from OERC, e.g. direct and indirect, overhead etc.).

All proposals must be in English and submitted to  by July 31, 2013. Final funding decisions will be announced in December, 2013. A complete list of guidelines for preparing and submitting a proposal(s) can be found on the website.
Founded in 1968, the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) is a bilingual association of individuals and organizations with interest in ergonomics.