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Construction worker falls to death: MOL issues stop work orders

Construction worker falls to death: MOL issues stop work orders
The tragic death of a construction worker has led Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors to shut down a Waterloo construction site until fall protection controls are implemented.
Twenty-three year-old Nick Lalonde fell to his death from the 12th floor of a Waterloo high-rise on October 11, 2013. Lalonde had been installing masonry block.  
Following Lalonde’s death, MOL inspectors visited the site and issued 17 orders to Maison Canada—a Waterloo property management company that manages the high-rise under construction. Each order related to a violation of Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act (the Act) and regulations. Among these orders was a requirement for Maison Canada to ensure a joint health and safety committee is established.
Five of the violations were deemed to pose immediate danger and stop work orders were issued. Each of these orders related directly to a lack of fall protection controls.   
Regulations under the Act require safe work procedures and training for workers exposed to fall-related hazards. Specifically, workers required to use a fall protection system must be adequately trained in its use. Additionally, employers must keep a record of this training and instruction and provide it to a MOL inspector upon request.
To help workplaces comply with legal training requirements and implement effective fall prevention programs the Workers Health & Safety Centre already offers two comprehensive training programs: Work at Heights and Fall Protection Program (Construction Sector).
Participants come away with a full understanding of the types of fall protection; specific components of fall restraint and arrest systems, as well the safe use, inspection, maintenance and storage of ladders and the legal and design requirements for guardrails and bump lines.
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