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Hamilton/Niagara Carpenters on board with WHSC Working at Heights training

Hamilton/Niagara Carpenters on board with WHSC Working at Heights training
Clearing hurdles should be a concern for track athletes, not construction trades looking to coordinate mandatory working at heights training for their members.
“In past we’ve experienced some challenges obtaining the health and safety training our members need. Until recently training for working at heights was no exception,” says Bill Baldwin, training coordinator, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 18 (pictured here). “But these challenges are behind us now. Working with the Workers Health & Safety Centre we are bridging this training gap.”
Baldwin explains the Carpenter’s Local 18 has been working with the WHSC to train members in a number of WHSC programs. These have ranged from WHMIS and Forklift Operator training to Skid Steer Operator and Propane training. 
Baldwin, a qualified WHSC instructor, has delivered WHSC training to more than 1,000 of his members.
Of course, training needs for Carpenters and many others in the trades grew on April 1, 2015 with new regulatory changes in Ontario requiring employers to ensure untrained or inadequately trained construction workers complete a Ministry of Labour (MOL)-approved working at heights training program before they can work at heights and use fall protection equipment and systems.
The WHSC Working at Heights training program was one of the first to receive MOL approval. By extension, Carpenters Local 18 was ready to deliver this program soon thereafter. Once trained in the new WHSC program, Baldwin like many other WHSC-trained instructors was qualified to bring this program to his fellow members. The union is now in the process of training more than 1,000 of their members who need this training, both to help ensure their safety, and at the same time help signatory contractors comply with the new law.  
To help meet demand for Working at Heights and other training required by the members, Baldwin says his union will be looking to the WHSC to help qualify additional instructors in the near future.
In addition to this and other WHSC-supported, in-house training, we continue to run scheduled Working at Heights programs in communities across Ontario.
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With enough participants and an appropriate training venue we are also able to work with other industry unions and employers to bring training to you.

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Call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a training services representative.
Need more information? Want to help us spread the word about this potentially life-saving training? Be sure to check out our online Working at Heights information resources.

Please note: Scheduled courses are offered in English. Should you require training in another language, please contact a WHSC training services representative (see above).