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Presentation proposals sought for global ergonomics conference

Presentation proposals sought for global ergonomics conference
An important part of this preparation is a recent call for abstracts for oral, poster and symposium presentations at PREMUS 2016—the Ninth International Scientific Conference on the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). PREMUS 2016 is scheduled for June 20‑23, 2016 in Toronto.
Organizers invite scientists, academics, students and others doing research into the causes, prevalence and prevention of work-related MSDs to submit their presentation proposals by October 30, 2015.
Proposals are being sought for these conference themes:
  1. Field evaluations of MSD prevention policies, programs and practices
  2. Economic burden of work-related MSDs
  3. Epidemiology of work-related MSDs
  4. Biology of work-related MSDs
  5. Measuring exposures in a new world of work
  6. Management of work-related MSDs and sustainable employment
  7. Health disparities and globalization
  8. Emerging issues in the prevention and management of work-related MSDs.

Proposals for other topics in the field of work-related MSDs are also welcome.
PREMUS 2016 is also organizing pre-conference workshops scheduled to run on Sunday, June 19, 2016.
Deadline for workshop proposals is August 28, 2015.
Want to know more about PREMIS 2016 or details about abstract submissions?
For our part, the WHSC offers a range of training programs and resources to help workplace parties better understand the working conditions responsible for the development of MSDs. Many of these same training programs and resources offer essential insight into the actions needed to reduce or eliminate harmful exposures.
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