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Survey to study impact of domestic violence in the workplace

Survey to study impact of domestic violence in the workplace
The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and Western University are partners in a unique survey to study the impact of domestic violence on Canadian workers and workplaces.
The national survey, the first of its kind in Canada, will gather data on the prevalence and impact of domestic violence in Canadian workplaces.
Barbara Byers, CLC executive vice-president said, “The results of this survey will provide made-in-Canada research that will help unions, employers, advocates and governments develop good public policy as well as negotiate workplace supports.”
The survey is available online in English and French until June 6, 2014. The survey is completely anonymous and takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Anyone 15 years or older, whether or not they have experienced violence, is encouraged to complete the survey.
A study by Department of Justice Canada estimates the economic impact of domestic violence to be $7.4 billion a year. For victims, their families and co-workers the personal costs are greater still. 
Amendments to Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act in 2010 to incorporate workplace violence and harassment came after pressure from labour and community groups and following two high profile workplace homicides. Lori Dupont and Theresa Vince were both killed at work by co-workers—Dupont by her former partner and Vince by her supervisor.
Ontario employers are required to:
  • assess the workplace for the risk of violence
  • develop workplace violence and harassment prevention policies
  • develop and maintain workplace violence prevention program
  • take every reasonable precaution to protect a worker from the risk of physical injury in the workplace related to domestic violence (of which the employer is aware or ought to be aware).

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