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Toronto ChemTRAC toxics reduction grants available

Toronto ChemTRAC toxics reduction grants available
The City of Toronto is again offering grants from $1,000 to $25,000 for projects that promote the reduction of toxic chemicals in the community.
The Live Green Toronto ChemTRAC Toxics Reduction Grants is now accepting proposals for its fall session. ChemTRAC sets out to protect public health and help local businesses go green by tracking and reducing 25 toxic chemicals found at levels of concern in the environment.
The ChemTRAC Toxics Reduction Grants are designed to:
  1. Help businesses and workers reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals that are used or released in their operations;
  2. Empower communities to reduce or eliminate their use and release of chemicals; and
  3. Foster partnerships between businesses and communities that encourage toxics use reduction.

Business associations, community organization, unions and labour organizations are among those invited to submit proposals for training, education, pilot programs, community partnerships and other ways to raise awareness and promote toxics reduction. 
Previous ChemTRAC grant recipients have developed educational tools to assist workplaces and communities to understand and use Toronto's Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw while others have trained companies to understand and choose safer chemical alternatives.
Interested applicants must submit a letter of interest to the City of Toronto Environment Office. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Office in advance to discuss their proposals.

Contact:   Toronto Environment Office 416-392-1135 or email
Deadline:   Letters of Interest due September 3, 2013