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WHSC’s newly-revised Lockout training ready for booking

WHSC’s newly-revised Lockout training ready for booking
In an effort to better serve workplaces confronted by deadly energy hazards, WHSC has revamped their comprehensive three-hour Lockout training program. 
This program offers important insights into employer obligations to protect workers from hazards related to energy produced or stored by machinery and other devices, including unexpected start-ups. It also offers essential information about how this can be accomplished.

Legal lockout obligations

To be specific, Ontario employers have significant legal obligations when it comes to protecting workers from the starting of any machine, transmission machinery, device or other thing. They must ensure control switches or other control mechanisms are locked out and other precautions needed to prevent start up are put in place. Employers must also provide information, instruction and supervision to protect the health or safety of a worker from energy hazards.

Revamped WHSC Lockout training

The most significant change to the WHSC Lockout program is the addition of the WHSC’s new hazard tracking tool, designed to guide joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members, health and safety representatives and supervisors through the process of identifying, assessing and controlling energy hazards, along with evaluating control measures once in place.
An important aspect of this tool is the hazard document template, now incorporated as a Resource Sheet for this program. This document is designed to guide workplace parties as they record the nature, location and assessment of each energy hazard and the lockout method applied.
Existing worksheets are also revamped, including additional questions designed to confirm participant understanding of the newly inserted hazard tracking process. A new interactive worksheet, entitled, “Mix n’ Match Key Concepts” has also been added to the program. Participants are asked to complete this worksheet during the video presentation to further enhance their understanding of essential information.
Further changes to the program expand on:
  • types of energy hazards and potential impact on workers, and
  • relevant legislation covering workplaces in all sectors. 

The revamped WHSC Lockout training is now available for booking. WHSC also offers a Resource Line entitled, Lockout: de-energizing hazards which aims to help raise awareness about energy hazards and what can and must be done to protect workers. To view, download and share it, you need only log into the Members area of the website. Remember, your user name is your email address. Forgot your password? Just click on the “Forgot Password” link and we will send you a new one right away.

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