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WHSC 2015/16 Annual Report now available online

WHSC 2015/16 Annual Report now available online
A proven and effective training approach helped Workers Health & Safety Centre’s double its training delivery hours in the last fiscal year. Read how WHSC accomplished this and other key achievements in the 2015/16 Annual Report, now available online.
The value and impact of mandatory training standards, specifically for Working at Heights, bore fruit in the last year as WHSC had booked 20,000 registrants for this potentially life-saving training by November alone. The 2015/16 annual report, Training to Make Safe Work, illustrates how WHSC’s commitment to adult-based education and learner evaluation helped deliver quality training to help safeguard workers and assist workplaces looking to comply with important legal requirements. 
The report also highlights how WHSC offered much-needed support on Musculoskeletal Disorder prevention by co-hosting a worker conference with the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers and creating new resource tools for constituents and clients alike. WHSC also continued to revise and develop training to keep workplaces up-to-date on a host of issues including new Globally Harmonized-WHMIS and new standards for JHSC Certification.
Proud to report WHSC’s achievements, executive director, Dave Killham adds, “WHSC remains dedicated to providing the kind of training all workplace parties need in the pursuit of safer, healthier work. Our training numbers from last year surely validate many agree with our proven approach.”
Download the complete WHSC 2015/16 Annual Report.
WHSC offers a wide range of training programs and resources to help workers, their representatives, supervisors and employers understand and exercise their considerable legal occupational health and safety duties and responsibilities.
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