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WHSC adds new Working at Heights courses and online resources

Responding to the incredible demand for Working at Heights training the Workers Health & Safety Centre continues to expand our schedule of courses.
Five new courses for the Durham Region and five for the Toronto area are among the recent schedule additions.
Driving demand are new regulatory changes in Ontario which require employers to ensure untrained or inadequately trained construction workers complete a Ministry of Labour (MOL)-approved working at heights training course. This training must be done before workers begin work at heights and use fall protection equipment and systems. Simply put, this regulation is designed to save lives. Falls from heights are the leading cause of traumatic worker deaths and injuries in construction.

WHSC Working at Heights training was one of the first to receive MOL approval. Our comprehensive, one-day course is also
  • Specially priced to ease access
  • Scheduled throughout the province
  • Designed to ensure critical learning takes place
  • Delivered by experienced instructors in the trades
  • Available for booking at a suitable venue of your choosing
  • Backed by complete records of training and replacement cards when needed.
To help spread the word about this important issue and the WHSC’s capacity to help ensure compliance, the WHSC has also recently created online resources. Available on our site is a quick reference guide covering some of the key principles delivered in our training program. Also available is an updated working at heights hazard bulletin, which among other things, summarizes the factors that contribute to the dangers of working at heights and the legislation put in place to help protect workers at heights. Finally, we have uploaded a poster and product sheet to help promote our program. These we encourage you to share with employers, supervisors, health and safety representatives and workers.
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Courses are listed alphabetically, so be sure to scroll to the listing bottom. Click on the on the Working at Heights “View classes” button and select a course nearest you.
Don’t see a course that will work for you? Or perhaps you want to bring training to your work site or facility? Call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to one of our training services representatives.
Download online resources.
All resources are posted on our dedicated Working at Heights Resources page.
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