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WHSC e-class offers mandatory supervisor health and safety training

WHSC e-class offers mandatory supervisor health and safety training
Want to comply now with Ontario’s new law requiring mandatory occupational health and safety awareness training for supervisors?
Look no further. Workers Health & Safety Centre’s online supervisor health and safety training will help workplaces comply with this new regulation but will also assist employers looking to meet existing knowledge and competency-based training requirements for supervisors.
WHSC online supervisor health and safety training combines adult education principles with leading edge technology to offer a comprehensive, interactive learning experience. WHSC e-class training is:
  • Flexible. You need only a computer and internet connection to begin.
  • Accessible. Available 24/7 for 30 continuous days.
  • Participatory. Real-time e-class sessions ensure interaction with an instructor and other learners.
  • Comprehensive. Downloadable, content-rich modules supported by optional narration, videos, flow charts and instant glossary of definitions.

WHSC e-class learners also benefit from additional instructor coaching and customized feedback to help supervisors prepare for their significant legal duties. Upon successful completion, WHSC issues a certificate of training and maintains student records for any future requirement helping employers fully comply with all legal requirements. 

WHSC Supervisor Health and Safety Training is also available as a one-day, classroom-based program.
Download our program product sheets:
Supervisor health and safety training (online e-class)
Supervisor health and safety training (in class
Register online for supervisor health and safety e-class or call 1-888-869-7950.
The WHSC can help your workplace comply with all other mandatory health and safety training. Check out our complete training catalogue. Or contact us and ask to speak with a training service representative.