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WHSC launches new Documenting Health and Safety training program

WHSC launches new Documenting Health and Safety training program
It is critical to know how to gather and use information when identifying, tracking and resolving workplace health and safety concerns.
WHSC now offers Documenting Health and Safety, a new three-hour training program to develop these essential documentation skills. Participants will learn the purpose and importance of documenting workplace health and safety issues. Through interactive activities, including audio-led sessions, they will also practice using forms and reports and hone listening and note-taking skills.
The program’s documentation tools include a range of forms and reports to track hazards and inspections, investigate incidents, diseases and work refusals, and monitor recommendations. All tools are also available online as downloadable, interactive PDF’s.  
By developing skills to organize, sort and file information, participants will be better able to track and address health and safety concerns and recommendations in a timely and systematic fashion. From workers wanting to raise a hazard to those with considerable legal duties to inspect the workplace and investigate injuries, illnesses and fatalities, this skills-based training provides an excellent foundation.
Documenting issues further supports and raises the profile of and commitment to the overall workplace health and safety program.
Learn more about this program and download WHSC H&S documentation tools.
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