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WHSC launches newly-updated ergonomic training in time for RSI Awareness Day

WHSC launches newly-updated ergonomic training in time for RSI Awareness Day
Workers Health & Safety Centre will mark RSI Awareness Day with the release and scheduling of a dramatic update to their popular, introductory ergonomics training program.
This program, renamed Ergonomics: Basic Principles, updates a former WHSC program, entitled, Ergonomics: Recognizing Injuries, Risk Factors and Design Principles. Among other things, it places a greater emphasis on the need to recognize the many work factors that contribute to MSDs. Thus equipped, participants will be better prepared to play an informed and active role recommending ergonomic solutions to pursue prevention. Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing work stations, equipment, tools and processes so workers can interact with the work environment harm-free.

Special RSI Day price too!

WHSC is offering this one-day program February 27 or 28 in key communities across Ontario. At a cost of $20, spots will fill up quickly. Register now to secure your spot.
Year after year repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), also commonly known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), are the leading cause of injury affecting workers in all sectors of the economy. They account for 40 per cent of lost-time injuries (LTIs) allowed by Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). Many more are never reported or claims are denied. Still, the suffering is real and lives are impacted. Further still, these injuries affect employers, driving costs associated with injury compensation and lost productivity.

From pain to prevention

Almost 20 years ago, a few workers here in Ontario, all knowing firsthand the debilitating effects of MSDs, decided to help ignite a movement aiming to provide greater focus on these injuries, prevention solutions and the need for fair compensation for those affected. Their efforts led to the creation of the International RSI Awareness Day, held annually the last day of February.
Many workplaces have come to understand implementing ergonomic solutions is within reach. To this end, they have developed and implemented MSD prevention programs. Many also understand ergonomics training is an essential part of these programs. Workplaces in all sectors of the Ontario economy have turned to the WHSC for this training, plus the additional related resources and support services we offer.
We can help your workplace too. Get started today by registering for Ergonomics: Basic Principles.
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