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WHSC supports International RSI Day with specially-priced ergonomics training

WHSC supports International RSI Day with specially-priced ergonomics training
Register today to ensure your access to deeply-discounted training designed to help guide workplaces towards musculoskeletal pain and disorder prevention.
Year after year work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), also known as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), account for more than 40 per cent of lost-time injuries (LTIs) allowed by Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) – the single largest class of compensation claim. Many more affected workers suffer, though their claims are denied or never reported to the WSIB.
Thirteen years ago, a few workers here in Ontario, all knowing firsthand the debilitating effects RSIs or MSDs can have on work and life beyond work, took it upon themselves to ignite a movement to raise awareness of these injuries, their causes, prevention solutions and the need for fair worker compensation.
This movement, now recognized around the world as International RSI Awareness Day, is held annually the last day of February. In support of this day and to help your workplace and workforce move from pain to prevention, the WHSC is offering specially-priced ergonomics training in communities across Ontario.
When February 28, 2017 (International RSI Day)
What Ergonomic Toolbox training
Ergonomics: Injuries, Risk Factors and Design Principles training
Patient Handling training
Where In communities across Ontario
Cost $20 plus hst (regular cost $88-$171)
*registration limited in each community so register today
Each of the WHSC ergonomic programs on special offer focus on the knowledge and tools needed to help identify the working conditions and hazards responsible for musculoskeletal pain and MSDs. Equally important, this training offers essential insight into prevention solutions. This training is critical to joint health and safety committee members and representatives, workers, supervisors and employers who all have important legal obligations to identify, assess and recommend or implement preventive solutions.
These injuries and the significant affect they have on the lives of workers and their families along with the functioning of workplaces demand prevention solutions many of which can be simple and inexpensive. A growing body of research suggests solutions translate into significant dividends in terms of healthier workers and higher productivity.
Many workplaces already understand that implementing solutions is within reach and have developed MSD prevention programs to achieve this end. Many also understand ergonomics training is an essential part of these programs. Workplaces in all sectors of the Ontario economy have turned to the WHSC for this training.

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