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WHSC works to ensure availability of JHSC Part II Certification training

Certification training of joint health and safety committee members begins but does not end with Basic Certification training – next step, Workplace-Specific Hazard Training.
To assist with this second step in the process of becoming certified Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has scheduled Workplace-Specific Hazard Certification Training, also known as Certification Part II, in several Ontario communities this spring. Be sure to register today as seats are filling fast.
First up is Part II training for the Office and Professional sector scheduled for March 21 through March 23 in communities across Ontario. Sector-based Part II training is also scheduled in the near future for joint health and safety committee representatives employed in Health Care and Social Services, Adult Probation and Parole and Education sectors.    
WHSC Certification Part II programs are designed to help JHSCs address the most significant hazards in their respective sectors. Each is also an essential next step for workplaces seeking to comply with legal requirements to certify at least two members of your JHSC – one worker representative and one management representative.

Securing certified member status

To become certified, a JHSC member must complete Basic Certification Training (Part I) and Workplace-Specific Hazard Certification Training (Part II). These programs must be approved by the Ministry of Labour, delivered by an approved provider and completed within six months of one another.
Further still, is the need to complete approved Certification Refresher training every three years to maintain certification status.

Securing effective and approved training

As Ontario’s only government-designated occupational health and safety training centre, WHSC is approved by the Ministry to deliver all three mandatory Certification programs.

For those who have yet to get started in their journey to certified rep status,  WHSC has also scheduled Basic Certification training across the province this spring, the first opportunity running April 10 through April 13.
For additional information, check out Certification Training product sheets all available in our online library.

For other important workplace health and safety training opportunities also review the complete WHSC training catalogue (including on-site training options).

Don’t see the training you need or unsure of your workplace training obligations? Call us at 1‑888‑869‑7950 and ask to speak to a training service representative.