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Document produced by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) on how to prevent heat stress. The Humidex plan is a simplified way of protecting workers from heat stress which is ...

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Heat Stress WHSC Resource Line

Information bulletin on heat stress. Heat stress is our body’s biochemical response to extreme heat or to a hot environment. It is the combination of hot working environments and the body’s metabol...

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Seeking relief from summer heat and related hazards

Just a few weeks into summer and dangerously hot temperatures have already led to heat alerts in many Ontario communities. @ Generally local or regional health units issue heat alerts when temper...

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Heat stress toolkit, WHSC training help combat growing hazard

As more workers around the globe are exposed to extreme heat on the job greater protection and specific workplace action is urgently needed. A new report by the International Labour Organization e...

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Heat & Cold Stress training now available in WHSC virtual classroom

The health effects of working in extreme temperatures are too often unknown and underestimated. Left unaddressed, the impacts can be deadly. @ As summer approaches work environments can become un...

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OHCOW developed this booklet on the hazards of working in the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which has a shorter wavelength than either visible blue or violet light, is responsible for sunburn an...

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How cold is too cold? Working in extreme temperature conditions

Seasonal temperature stresses are hazardous for those who work outdoors. Transitioning from the heat of summer to fall and winter temperatures mean workers face another hazard @ the cold. @Did you...

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RL_Heat Stress_V3_web

Hazard Resource Line Sept 10, 2018

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