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First Aid and CPR Training FAQs

Have questions about first aid and CPR training? We answer some common questions. Whether you're fulfilling workplace safety requirements or ensuring compliance, our FAQ provides answers to help you understand training and certification.

What Course Should I Take?

Here in Ontario, the Canadian Red Cross training we deliver is approved for workplace delivery by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). This training though, meets legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards across Canada. The Canadian Red Cross First Aid & CPR Certificates are also accepted by school faculties throughout Canada. For school programs especially, you will want to check your requirements with your educational institution to ensure you select the proper course before registering.
To meet most workplace requirements, you can never go wrong with Standard First Aid & CPR/AED as it is the most comprehensive and requested course. However, as communicated with this chart lesser certificates are accepted where fewer workers are involved.
Number of Employees Working Per Shift (at any one Time) Type of Certificate Required
5 or less Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED
6 or more Standard First Aid & CPR/AED



For comprehensive information on Ontario WSIB First Aid & CPR requirements check out their dedicated web page.
For requirements of worker safety and insurance boards in other jurisdictions begin your search with the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada.


How Many Workers Should I Train?

Employers must ensure first aid stations are always under the care of a worker with a valid first aid certificate when work is in progress. Employers with more than one shift require first aiders for each shift. Having multiple trained first aiders is recommended to ensure compliance when a first aider is away from work, ill, or on vacation. It is recommended that a first aider should be able to reach an injured or ill worker within a two-minute walk.*
*According to the WSIB requirements.

Can I upgrade from Emergency First Aid to Standard First Aid?

There are no upgrade courses from Emergency to Standard First Aid. Participants would be required to attend a new course in the level they require.

I already have CPR; can I just take the First Aid?

First Aid programs cannot be taken without CPR, even if the participant is already certified in CPR. They must register for a new certification and participate in the entire course, including the CPR component.

Can I recertify my Standard First Aid training with WHSC, if I took it from another organization?

First Aid & CPR/AED programs can only be recertified with the same provider. We can offer you a new certification course. CPR/AED only programs can be recertified by any provider.*
*See our recertification courses for more information and applicable prerequisites.