Workers Health & Safety Centre


Our recent low- to no-cost training offer has come to an end. All deeply discounted OHS training seats are sold out. A big thank you to those of you who responded to our offer of deeply discounted health and safety training. Thousands of workers, their representatives, supervisors and employers will benefit from quality occupational health and safety training designed to meet legislative requirements and help create safer, healthier work.

For those of you who missed this opportunity, there are still savings to be realized.

In support of Day of Mourning for the first time ever, Workers Health & Safety Centre is offering a special 20 per cent discount for most scheduled training during the month of April. Discounts apply to in-person and virtual classroom options. So, for instance during April Certification Part I training can be purchased for $380/participant instead of $475, Certification Part II – General Stream $305 instead of $382, and Certification Refresher $112 instead of $140. All other one-day courses, including Supervisor Health and Safety Training are $96 instead of $120. And half-day courses such as Workplace Violence and Harassment are $60 instead of $75.

Want to train in house? Check out our complete catalogue of occupational health and safety training below (See the “Onsite Courses tab.) and talk to any one of our Training Services Representatives about whether you qualify for preferred pricing.




Certification Part I - Virtual

Certification Part II - Adult Probation and Parole - Virtual

Certification Part II - Correctional Facilities - Virtual

Certification Part II - General - Virtual

Certification Part II - Health Care & Social Services - Virtual

Certification Refresher - Virtual

Construction Health & Safety Awareness - Virtual

Critical Incident and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Virtual

Federal Committees and Representatives - Virtual

Globally Harmonized WHMIS (2 hours) - Virtual

Heat and Cold Stress - Virtual

Indoor Air - Virtual

Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health - Virtual

Stress in the Workplace - Virtual

Supervisor Health & Safety Training - Virtual

Workplace Inspections - Virtual

Workplace Investigations - Virtual

Workplace Violence and Harassment - Virtual