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‘How COVID-19 virus infects and kills’ subject of WHSC webinar

Government COVID-19 restrictions are loosening, but the disease continues to spread in large numbers, including workplaces.

Confronted by this reality, this Workers Health & Safety Centre COVID-19 webinar will take a deeper look at the characteristics of the viral hazard that confronts us all.

The webinar will discuss the likely origins of the COVID-19 virus, its routes of transmission and its method of infection. It answers questions about why this virus is so contagious – and why some workers get sicker than others.
Perhaps most important, spread by asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic persons, super spreader events and workplace conditions that promote the spread of the COVID-19 virus are examined too. 
Finally, the webinar concludes with an examination of what more can we do in our workplaces to prevent COVID-19 exposures.
In addition to watching this webinar you may want to download and share the PowerPoint that supports this webinar.

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