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Ensure propane safety and compliance with WHSC training

Hazards of working with propane are often unknown or underestimated. When left unaddressed, they can have deadly consequences. Training can help and, for some, is mandatory.

Ontario Regulations (O. Reg. 211/01 and 215/01) under the Technical Standards and Safety Act require workers complete safety training and have in their possession a CH-02 (Construction Heater Operator 2) certificate to work with propane and use propane fuelled appliances. This certificate, also known as a ROT (Record of Training), must be from a training provider accredited by Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). 

As an accredited provider, Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) can help.

WHSC Propane for CH-02 ROT training (in-person)
Tuesday, January 16, 2024 OR Monday, February 26, 2024
9:00AM – 4:30PM
Hamilton WHSC Training Facility
Registration fee $120 (plus HST)

Training space in each class is limited! REGISTER NOW.

Upon successful completion of our Propane for CH-02 ROT training, participants will receive a ROT valid for three years certifying them to connect, activate and disconnect propane torches and heaters (up to 400,000 BTU/h).

WHSC propane training ensures competence too

While complying with minimum propane training standards is important, ensuring competence and confidence to work with this extremely explosive and flammable fuel is just as critical.

For this reason, WHSC’s Propane for CH-02 ROT training goes beyond the regulatory requirements of the TSSA to help ensure workers are fully prepared to recognize the many hazards related to propane along with proper handling, storage and use, plus applicable legislation. A hands-on session allows participants to learn and demonstrate practical skills such as inspections and transfers, as well as how to manifold three cylinders together, connect construction heaters and torches to cylinders, and safely turn on and off propane-powered equipment.

WHSC offers additional propane awareness training (see propane under onsite courses) for others at work sites where propane is used or stored. Joint committee members and health and safety representatives in smaller workplaces, for instance, will need to achieve a level of competence to meet their significant obligations identifying, assessing and recommending controls that protect workers from the hazards posed by propane during use, handling and storage. Supervisors have even greater obligations to protect workers.

REGISTER now for propane training!

Need other essential and legally mandated training such as joint health & safety committee Certification, GHS-WHMIS, working at heights, and supervisor competency? As Ontario’s only government-designated occupational health and safety training centre, WHSC can help with these training types and more. Check out our complete in-person and virtual training schedule.

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