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Federal Committees and Reps training. Compliance, COVID and much more

Federal workplace inspection
Federal employers, like those in Ontario-regulated workplaces, are ultimately responsible for health and safety. Well-trained representatives though can offer critical assistance.
To play a meaningful role, federal law recognizes the need to equip employer and worker health and safety representatives. Under Canada Labour Code regulations, federally-regulated employers must provide training to members of policy and work place health and safety committees along with health and safety representatives. Such training must prepare them to understand and act on their powers and duties outlined in Part II of the Canada Labour Code, sections 134, 135 and 136. Federal regulations also prescribe essential training content.  

Need to comply now?

Workers Health & Safety Centre's (WHSC) recently updated Federal Committees and Representatives training meets prescribed content and compliance requirements. To support those needing to train new and existing committees and representatives, WHSC has scheduled our comprehensive, two-day program for delivery in our COVID-safe, online, virtual classroom.
November 24 and 25. Spaces still available. Take advantage of $150, special, limited-time pricing (regularly $382).
Employers under federal jurisdiction must establish a work place health and safety committee for each work place directly under their control at which 20 or more employees are normally employed. Policy health and safety committees must be established where an employer has 300 or more employees. A health and safety representative is required in work places with less than 20 employees.  

Exceeding prescribed training content 

Content requirements for mandatory committees and representatives training of these committees and representatives must include:  
  • the Canada Labour Code and any regulations made under it
  • the means that allow the committee members and the health and safety representatives to fulfill their responsibilities under the Code
  • the rules and procedures guiding the work of committees and reps; and
  • the principles of consensus building regarding health and safety issues.

WHSC’s Federal Committees and Representatives training not only meets but exceeds these requirements. Our training ensures compliance and competence. We prepare committee members and representatives to act on their significant powers, including:
  • Assisting with development and implementation of a hazard prevention program
  • Meeting specific obligations for workplace harassment and violence prevention programs
  • Conducting workplace inspections and accident investigations
  • Communicating and working together effectively.

These skills are particularly critical as the COVID-19 virus presents a unique challenge in terms of developing, implementing and monitoring measures to eliminate or reduce transmission at work and in the community.

Beyond this upcoming scheduled class and where participant numbers warrant, we can also work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses in a safe and convenient online, virtual classroom for all workers, work place representatives, supervisors and other work place parties.  
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