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Heat & Cold Stress training now available in WHSC virtual classroom

The health effects of working in extreme temperatures are too often unknown and underestimated. Left unaddressed, the impacts can be deadly.
The health effects of working in extreme temperatures are too often unknown and underestimated. Left unaddressed, the impacts can be deadly.
As summer approaches work environments can become uncomfortable but also unsafe. Without protective measures in place or knowledge of the warning signs, workers can suffer from heat stress and heat stroke.
Outside workers are among those most highly exposed including roofers, road crews, farm workers, parks and recreation workers, landscapers, and surface miners. Indoor environments such as bakeries, food processing plants, restaurants, laundries, mines, smelters, and foundries can see temperatures rise to extreme levels, particularly in the summer months. Poorly ventilated, aging classrooms with no access to air conditioning have seen indoor temperatures rise to hazardous levels too.
Amid our climate emergency and rising global temperatures, the need for greater worker protection and specific workplace action has never been more urgent. Start with quality training.
Register for WHSC Heat & Cold Stress training.
Workers Health & Safety Centre’s Heat & Cold Stress program offers essential awareness training. Participants will explore how the body reacts to temperature extremes and specific situations where workers may be exposed to dangerous levels of heat or cold. The lack of specific legislation protecting exposed workers is discussed along with measures for identifying and assessing potential health risks from temperature extremes. Participants will further consider the various methods of controlling exposure to temperature extremes as well as the steps involved in developing and implementing an effective action plan to reduce these hazards in their workplace.
WHAT Heat & Cold Stress - Virtual
WHEN Jun 29, 2023, 9AM - 12PM or 1PM - 4PM
Jul 13, 2023, 9AM - 12PM  
Aug 3, 2023, 1PM - 4PM
COST $75

Please note: Registration closes two weeks before each training date. Courses are filled online on a first-come, first-served basis.


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