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Masks and COVID-19 prevention: August 13 webinar answers your questions

As understanding of COVID-19 transmission routes has evolved, the role masks play in disease prevention has also evolved, particularly in non-medical settings.

With research confirming the airborne transmission of COVID-19, especially in crowded, closed indoor environments with poor ventilation, approaches have shifted. Bylaws and policies for mandatory mask wearing now exist for many indoor public spaces.

As such, though masks are not a replacement for social distancinghand hygienecleaning and disinfecting and proper ventilation, they are now an essential part of many workplace COVID-19 prevention programs, regardless of industry sector. However, not all masks are equally protective. At Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) we have been fielding individual questions regarding what types of masks and mask materials are most effective. Other related questions have cropped up regarding the level of protection offered by masks versus face shields. Equally important are issues of mask use and care.

Answers to these questions will be the subject of the next in a series of webinars WHSC is calling Confronting COVID-19. Be sure to register and tune in for what is sure to be a highly attended webinar.

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Confronting COVID-19: Mask selection, use and care
Thursday, August 13, 11:00 am – 11:30 am


Webinar participants are encouraged to pose questions and concerns. Webinar space is limited and offered to Ontario residents only.

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