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On April 28 join us at virtual Day of Mourning events

Virtual Day of Mourning events in Ontario
It has been a spring like few others. The coronavirus has tested us all. But our true test is how we respond to each other. Do we have the courage to care and act?
When taking action to secure worker health and safety, experience tells us we work best when we work together. As we confront the COVID-19 virus our collective efforts are never more needed.
This April 28 we will mourn for those who have been killed by the COVID-19 virus. We will not forget the many workers who have suffered or died as a result of other workplace hazards that have been allowed to go unchecked. And we will recommit to the fight for the living. For it is never too late to do the right thing.
We cannot gather on Day of Mourning as we have traditionally. But we can connect virtually as friends and families have been doing throughout this crisis.
Below you will find our document for downloading and sharing that details the many virtual events and actions being taken by Ontario labour councils and their communities on April 28. Be sure to attend one of these events, view their social media posts and share stories, pictures and videos of your own, via their social media channels.

Drawing Strength

As we do every year, let’s draw strength from these events, actions and each other so we can return to our workplaces when the time comes, better prepared to work for safer, healthier workplaces. For those still currently working in workplaces deemed essential, clearly their needs are more immediate and pressing.

Faced by the threat COVID-19 presents for workers and their families working outside their homes, let’s work together to help identify, assess and control the many ways workers can be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. When we do, let’s remember workers and their representatives have a right to participate in these solutions.
By law however, employers have the greatest responsibility in the workplace for worker health and safety. But what is reasonable in the circumstances? Workers Health & Safety Centre have been working hard to answer this question and more. As our 2020 Day of Mourning brochure explains, “A mask is not enough!” Be sure and check out our dedicated COVID-19 Resources web page for answers too. Webinars in our series entitled, Confronting COVID-19 are also ongoing. Watch for e-bulletins on future webinars, and/or webinar recordings on our Facebook and YouTube channels. We have been running virtual all important WHMIS training sessions daily. And very soon we will be launching a COVID-19 training program virtually. Be sure and watch for news on this equally important program too.

Meantime, again let’s join in April 28 Day of Mourning virtual events. Let’s mark the day and remind all, we are resolute in our commitment to worker health and safety on April 28 and every day.

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