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Registration deadline fast approaching—February mandatory JHSC training

Register today for Basic Certification training to help your workplace move closer to complying with joint health and safety committee (JHSC) training obligations.
What:   Basic Certification training  Register now
When:  February 10-13, 2015
Where: Cambridge, Dryden, Durham Region, Hamilton, London, North Bay, Ottawa, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Toronto—Downtown, Windsor
Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (the Act) requires almost every provincially-regulated workplace with 20 or more employees or a designated substance on site to establish a JHSC.
Employers must also ensure at least two members of a JHSC, one representing workers and one representing the employer, become certified. To become certified, JHSC members must complete both Basic Certification Training (Part I) and Workplace-Specific Hazard Training (Part II).
Employers have much more extensive workplace training obligations beyond those for JHSC members. As of July 1, 2014, for instance, employers must ensure supervisors complete an awareness training program within one week of beginning work as a supervisor.  They must also ensure workers complete a similar program. These new awareness obligations are outlined in Ontario Regulation 297/13—Occupational Health and Safety Training and Awareness.

The WHSC offers training to help workplaces comply with many of the training obligations required by workplace health and safety law. In fact, the WHSC is legally designated in Ontario as a training centre specializing in occupational health and safety.
The following are examples of upcoming legally-mandated training scheduled in communities across Ontario:
What:   Supervisor Health & Safety Training* Register now          
When:  February 9, 2015 
*a similar WHSC Supervisor Health & Safety Training is available for online delivery
What:   Office & Professional—Certification Workplace-Specific Hazard Training Register now
When:  March 24-26, 2015
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