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Worker learns to identify, assess and control or eliminate workplace hazards
As the highly transmissible Omicron variant surges through our communities and workplaces training should be among the measures in a layered approach to prevention.

Quality training can provide workplaces with an added layer of protection. Workplaces with a well-trained workforce are better able to identify and ensure necessary precautions are in place. Public health officials recommend a layered approach to reduce transmission of the virus. This can include working remotely, physical distancing, well-ventilated indoor spaces, appropriate and well-fitting masks, rapid testing, hand hygiene, regular cleaning and vaccination.

Workers Health & Safety Centre offers the kind of training you need to strengthen your workplace capacity to confront this current wave of the pandemic. Throughout the coming months we have scheduled essential health and safety training programs in COVID-safe virtual classes.

There is no time to waste! Register now to secure your spot! In the weeks ahead we will deliver legally required Joint Health & Safety Committee Certification training, but other equally important training is on offer too including Supervisor Health and Safety, Ergonomics and MSDs, Indoor Air, Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health, and Workplace Violence and Harassment.

Compliance and competence  

Amid the ongoing COVID crisis workplace precautions need to be sustained, if not strengthened. In Ontario, COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plans are also legally required. Quality training can help. Our online virtual classrooms offer a superior learning environment including small class sizes designed for maximum engagement and assured learning.

Classes are filling! Register now to avoid disappointment:

✅ JHSC Certification (Part I, Part II General Stream, Refresher)
✅ Ergonomics and MSDs
✅ Federal Committees and Representatives
✅ Globally Harmonized WHMIS
✅ Indoor Air
✅ Lockout 
✅ Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health
✅ Supervisor Health and Safety Training 
✅ Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road
✅ Workplace Violence and Harassment

Employer’s legal obligations

Employers have the greatest legal responsibility for the protection of workers. Though Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) also recognizes the rights and obligations of others to play an important role in pursuit of prevention, namely joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members and worker health and safety representatives. 
If your workplace employs 20 or more workers or a designated substance is onsite, the OHSA requires the establishment of a JHSC. In this case, employers must also "carry out" approved Certification training for at least two members of the JHSC, one worker representative and one management representative, including Certification Part ICertification Part II and Certification Refresher

Many workplaces choose to train all JHSC members to build their in-house capacity to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and to ensure existing workplace hazards aren’t overlooked. In smaller workplaces where worker health and safety representatives are mandated, some employers recognize the utility of this training and ensure they complete it too.

Meantime, WHSC continues to schedule in-person Working at Heights and Working at Heights Refresher training in COVID-safe spaces which comply with public health guidelines.  Upcoming scheduled training includes select weekend dates to accommodate demand in this essential sector.

Don’t see what you need? Beyond the scheduled classes listed above, and where participant numbers warrant, we can work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses for all workers, workplace representatives and supervisors.
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