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Training, an essential component to any effective lockout system

Energy sources including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, or other sources powering machines and equipment can harm and even kill workers.

However, identifying hazards associated with energy sources in the workplace; understanding the zero energy state and lockout legislation; and the implementation including training of a lockout program and policy can help prevent serious worker injury or death. Workplace representatives, including joint health and safety committee members and supervisors, may not work directly with energized equipment yet they still need to understand the basic concepts of lockout and methods of producing a zero energy state for machines and equipment in order to fulfill their important roles in the workplace. To this end, Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC), Ontario’s official occupational health and safety (OHS) trainer has scheduled an essential three-hour virtual Lockout Program, to help keep workplaces and workers safe.  

Legal lockout obligations

Ontario employers have significant legal obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act when it comes to protecting workers from the starting of any machine, transmission machinery, device or other thing. Workers can be injured when machinery starts up, while performing repairs, or when power is restored after power outages. Employers and the supervisors they hire must ensure control switches or other control mechanisms are locked out and other precautions needed to prevent start up or sudden, uncontrolled releases of stored energy are put in place. They must also provide information, instruction, training and supervision to protect the health and safety of a worker from energy hazards. WHSC offers a six-hour program aimed at training those who may be confronted by energy sources and necessary procedures for controlling them. But to be clear, our three-hour program is designed to provide JHSCs, worker health and safety reps and supervisors with the knowledge they need to develop and implement a proper workplace lockout program and policy. 

Register for effective and essential lockout training today
WHERE: WHSC Virtual Classroom
WHEN: November 30, 1PM - 4PM
COST: $75

Please note, registration closes two weeks prior to training date so materials can be sent and received in time.

About our program
  • Introduction to the many sources of energy in a workplace and how each can be hazardous and sometimes fatal to exposed workers. 
  • Recognize the basic concepts of lockout as a method of producing a "zero energy state".
  • Understand relevant legislation along with components of an effective lockout program including the tools used to recognize and assess potential hazards.
  • Discuss strategies for developing and implementing an effective workplace specific lockout program, including training. 

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Additional resources:
Download WHSC’s Resource Line hazard bulletin Lockout: de-energizing hazards. 

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