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WHSC Certification Part I, revamped and ready for delivery

An overhaul of WHSC’s Certification Part I training program adds valuable new resources designed to better help Certified members carry out their considerable responsibilities.
Like all our Certification training courses, this new, three-day, Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) course is also approved by the Ministry of Labour (MOL).
Ontario health and safety law specifies several prevention duties for joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members, and certified members in particular. The law also recognizes quality comprehensive training is critical to meeting their obligations.
Most workplaces employing 20 or more workers, or using a designated substance must have a JHSC and must ensure the Certification of at least two JHSC members, one representing workers and one management. This training must be paid for by the employer.

Register today

If your workplace needs to Certify one or a few members, you will want to get started by registering today for our new Certification Part I. Courses are applicable to workplaces in all sectors, are scheduled throughout the province and begin as early as October 1.
Need to consult on a date and location that works for your workplace? Download and share this handy course descriptor and schedule.
Need to train more than a few workplace representatives, then consider our cost-effective, in-house training option. Many of the workplaces we work with opt to train their entire joint health and safety committee and even supervisors in this essential training program. Just call 1.888.869.7950 and ask to speak to a WHSC Training Services representative. This option is available for immediate booking.

Renewed focus

New resources, along with updates to many already included in the program, support our hazard-based approach for identifying, assessing and effectively eliminating or controlling hazardous worker exposures.
Chief among them is an inspection tracking form designed to help ensure hazards are identified and continuously tracked so as to confirm whether or not controls have been applied and if they remain effective. Intended as a “living document”, this resource will assist JHSC members preparing for an inspection, during an inspection and when reporting on the inspection at JHSC meetings.
The existing hazard document resource sheet has also undergone changes to better assist with identifying and recording individual hazards, their assessment and what control measures have been implemented or recommended. Catalogued together these hazard documents become a one-stop hazard inventory, useful for JHSC members, supervisors, employers and workers. 
This renewed focus on hazard tracking is fully integrated and clarified throughout relevant training sessions. 
Other course tools added or updated include forms dealing with:
  • hazard elimination/recommendations
  • incident investigation
  • illness investigation
  • work refusal tracking
  • bilateral work stoppages. 

Start and finish with WHSC

MOL-approved Certification Part I training is the first of a three-part process to attain and maintain Certification status for joint health and safety committee members in Ontario. As Ontario’s only legally designated health and safety training centre, WHSC has developed MOL-approved training to help workplaces of every size and every sector and region of the province meet these additional training obligations.
Note: Many of our training partners have asked us to continue to offer a more comprehensive four-day Certification Part I—Enhanced training program. This program will be available for in-house delivery. The additional time provides training participants with an opportunity to better digest and demonstrate key learning objectives.
To learn more:
Visit:  Our online, onsite course catalogue (be sure to check out our “Request a Quote” function)
           Our online, product sheet library detailing all Certification courses and more
Call:    1.888.869.7950 and ask to speak to a training services representative