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WHSC expands OHS training facilities to Hamilton and surrounding areas

Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) is proud to announce the recent expansion of our training facilities to meet the return of and growing demand for in-person learning.

Our latest training facility is located at 500 Parkdale Ave. North in Hamilton and will provide quality training at an affordable price for those working and living in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. The facility features dedicated classroom space designed with participants in mind. Spacious and bright, it is also equipped with ergonomic workstations and even stations, where participants can demonstrate much needed skills such as use of vertical, horizontal, and retractable lifelines for working at heights and set up and use of rope grabs for both fall arrest and ladder use.

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Also expanding are the number and types of courses offered in this new facility. Courses include mandatory JHSC Certification and Working at Heights training approved by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer, as well as training addressing specific physical and psychosocial hazards – Indoor Air, Lockout and Workplace Violence and Harassment to name a few.

Prevention starts here…

Health and safety training is a key component of any effective workplace prevention program — and for good reason. Independent research demonstrates quality training works. Done right, effective training can help workplaces comply with legal requirements, reduce the economic cost of fines, prosecutions, compensation claims and premium hikes, support workplace prevention efforts, bolster and maintain the knowledge and skill level of the workforce and ultimately promote worker health and safety.

At WHSC we are focused on prevention. Through quality training we help workplaces address the working conditions that cause worker injury, illness or death.

As Ontario’s official government-designated occupational health and safety training provider for more than 35 years, WHSC supports workers, their representatives, supervisors and employers in pursuit of creating safe, healthy and compliant workplaces. In addition to in- person training, we also offer courses in online virtual classrooms and always instructor led. We can work with you too to deliver any of our training programs at a time and location that works for your workforce.

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