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WHSC offers Certification Refresher Training in run-up to pending deadline

For joint health and safety committee members who became certified after March, 2016, new MOL-approved Certification Refresher Training is now required for continued compliance.   
Ontario health and safety law requires this Refresher Training be completed within three years of completing Certification Part II and every three years thereafter.

Employers and certified members of JHSCs should keep on top of training records as those who don’t complete Refresher Training before this three-year period expires will need to retrain in all three parts of Certification training to regain certified status. 

WHSC Certification is MOL-approved

Understanding many workplaces will want to get ahead of this deadline, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has scheduled Refresher Training in communities across Ontario for Friday, October 12. Be sure to register today to ensure access and maintain Certification status. 
Like all Certification Training, this refresher program must be delivered by an MOL-approved provider. The WHSC is an approved training provider for Certification Part I, Part II and Refresher Training.
Employers are required to carry out and pay for this training.

WHSC training ensures compliance and competence

WHSC’s one-day Certification Refresher Training program revisits important concepts from Certification training, including specific duties and responsibilities for JHSC members, employers and other workplace parties as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).    
In keeping with the hazard-based approach to protecting workers which forms the basis of OHSA, the WHSC program also explores the ineffectiveness of behaviour-based safety programs and why hazard elimination or exposure control is most effective in meeting legal obligations to protect workers.

The program further affords participants the opportunity to review new or amended health and safety laws, standards and guidelines along with highly relevant legal decisions, current or emerging issues, plus best practices for hazard elimination and control.
To learn more about Certification Training requirements be sure to download the following product sheets:
To register for Certification Renewal or any other upcoming Certification program check out our complete list of community-based offerings over the coming weeks and months.
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