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WHSC releases revised Personal Protective Equipment training program

Personal protective equipment is understood to be the last line of defense in controlling hazards, but too often it’s the most common control used by employers.

To help ensure workers and workplace representatives know the purpose, use and limits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in different industries, WHSC offers a PPE training program. This newly revised three-hour course considers the hierarchy of hazard controls, appropriate PPE for different tasks and parts of the body, elements of an effective PPE policy and program and relevant legislation and standards.

The update incorporates recent changes in regulations and standards and adds more resources to help workers understand the importance of proper care and selection where PPE is a requirement of the job. The training program expands content on a wide range of PPE (head, eye, hearing, face, footwear, respirators and chemical protecting clothing), how it’s used and why it may be needed.

To help illustrate program concepts, this newest version incorporates the most up-to-date regulations on noise and fall protection. The lesson is framed so participants learn how to identify and assess hazards and suggest effective controls following the hierarchy of control. For example, participants learn how to identify the signs of a noisy workplace, the symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and how to address these through engineering and administrative controls, and then with PPE.
With these updates, more time is dedicated to fostering an understanding of relevant legislation and standards. This learning objective is supported by a new comprehensive list of regulations and the relevant sections concerning PPE. Among the changes are updated descriptors of several Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards on hearing protection, respirators, compressed breathing air systems and selection and use of footwear.

WHSC PPE training program version 5 is now available for booking.

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