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WHSC virtual training classroom boasts full summer schedule

Worker getting occupational health and safety training in a virtual classroom
Working in an essential business? Getting ready to reopen your workplace but want to complete or
update your health and safety training first? Not to worry. WHSC can help.
Quality training, the kind of training which helps you identify, assess and control, if not eliminate, hazards, has never been more needed. Given the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Workers Health & Safety Centre has innovated to offer online training essentials in live, real-time virtual classrooms.
WHSC is offering a full roster of virtual training throughout the summer to help workplaces meet critical needs and address legal requirements. This training will help ensure health and safety committees (JHSC) understand their legal role in matters of health and safety, workers are informed about safe use of hazardous materials, and workplaces are prepared to safely operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To meet ongoing demand WHSC has added new sessions to all our virtual classroom options. Check out WHSC's Virtual Training programs for a host of essential training programs including:
  • JHSC Certification Part I-Virtual
  • JHSC Certification Part II General Stream-Virtual
  • JHSC Certification Refresher-Virtual
  • COVID-19-Virtual
  • GHS-WHMIS-Virtual.

Visit our online Registration Page for our virtual training schedule. Registrations are filled online on a first-come, first-served basis. More dates will be added with demand. Be sure to check back. 
When registering be sure to supply the participant’s home address, as resource materials critical to successful participation will be shipped to this address.

Participation requirements

Registered participants will receive an email of confirmation with information about accessing and successfully completing the training. They will also be shipped participant resource materials. If they have not received this material by 2 pm the day before the course, please contact us by email at
WHSC’s virtual classroom is a secure environment, protecting privacy and preventing interruptions. Participants will need:
  • a high-speed internet connection
  • a computer, tablet or phone with a camera and microphone
    • a computer is preferred - however to avoid cellular data costs, connect using Wi-Fi
  • a pen or pencil to complete worksheets.

Employer training obligations

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act requires most workplaces employing 20 or more workers, or using a designated substance to establish a JHSC and ensure Certification training (in all three parts) of at least one member representing workers, and one representing management. Certification training must be approved by the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Prevention Officer. Time spent becoming a Certified member is considered work time and the training should also be paid for by the employer.

Employers also have a legal obligation to train workers in WHMIS. To be in compliance with the law, workers must understand WHMIS and be able to apply the information gained through this training to their everyday work.

Finally, by law, employers must provide information and instruction to workers to protect their health and safety. Training is a key way employers meet this obligation.

Again, WHSC training can help meet these legal requirements with our virtual offerings. As restrictions lift and we are safely able to do so, we hope to welcome you in person at one of our regularly scheduled classroom training programs across Ontario.

To learn more: 
Visit our web site to explore a range of free Resources and a host of COVID-19 resources.
Call: 1-888-869-795