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Workplace mental health training now offered in WHSC virtual classes

Psychological health injuries cost the Canadian economy some $51 billion a year, $20 billion of which results from work-related causes says the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

With the COVID-19 pandemic adding to the stress and anxiety for those on workplace frontlines, including Canadian health care workers, many are suffering from preventable mental injuries now more than ever. A growing body of evidence suggests workplace interventions can lead to better psychosocial working conditions and positively impact the mental health of workers.
Quality training is a good place to start. It helps workplaces achieve legal requirements to provide information and instruction about workplace hazards, but many also consider training an essential resource in safeguarding their workforce. 

Improved working conditions = improved mental health

To help workplaces address growing workplace mental health injuries, Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC) is now scheduling a new three-hour Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health program in virtual classrooms. Like other programs in our suite of Mental Health at Work Training, this program considers the workplace as a source of potential injury and illness, but also as the best place to seek lasting solutions to workplace psychosocial hazards. This new program offers participants a basic understanding of:  
  • psychosocial work hazards and how they may impact workers’ mental health
  • health effects associated with psychosocial hazards
  • contributing workplace factors such as job demands/job control, worker engagement, civility and respect
  • methods to identify and assess psychosocial hazards, including policies and programs, physical and cognitive demands analysis and workplace surveys
  • workplace accommodation process
  • preventative and protective measures for a safer and healthier workplace.

Register today!

Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health is now available for booking online through our virtual classroom.
REGISTER: Psychosocial Hazards and Workplace Mental Health-Virtual 
WHEN: November 23, 2020 9am to 12pm
November 25, 2020 9am to 12pm
(Registrations are filled online on a
first-come, first-served basis.)
COST: $75/participant (plus HST)

More dates will be added with demand. Be sure to check back. 

WHSC virtual classroom. Learning and safety assured.

The COVID-19 crisis presented an unprecedented challenge in terms of providing access to the WHSC’s essential and mandatory training programs. WHSC quickly retooled our delivery model in a way we could still ensure the integrity of our training and safety of participants and instructors. This we achieved with our WHSC virtual classroom training.  

For virtual training, all that is required by the participant is a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a functioning camera and audio. When registering be sure to supply the participant’s home address, as resource materials critical to successful participation will be shipped to this address.

Be sure to check out our complete schedule of virtual classroom training, including Certification Part I, Part II and Refresher training. Properly trained, certified joint health and safety committee members can play a critical role in building psychologically safe and healthy workplaces and in controlling COVID-19 exposures. For this reason we have offered JHSC Certification training in safe, virtual classrooms throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so this fall and winter. 
Beyond scheduled classes, and where participant numbers warrant, we can also work with you to coordinate almost any of our training courses in a virtual classroom for all workers, workplace representatives and supervisors.

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