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Summer educationals offer labour activists skill development training

Summer educationals offer labour activists skill development training
The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) invites workers and their representatives seeking to build upon their activist skills to register for one or both 2015 summer school sessions. 
WHAT: CLC Ontario Region Summer School Women’s Summer School
WHEN: July 5-10, 2015 July 12-17, 2015
WHERE: Unifor Family Education Centre, Port Elgin, Ontario  (for both weeks)
A wide range of courses are being offered at each of these two training schools. Those registering for the first week of training will select from courses ranging from labour community advocacy and workers compensation advocacy to stewards training and using modern tools to communicate with members. 
Those attending week two, the CLC Women’s Summer School, will select from among programs focused on the specific needs and experiences of women and work. Included here is the option to participate in the Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC) Level 1 Basic Occupational Health & Safety Awareness program. This program focuses on the skills needed to play an active role identifying and assessing workplace hazards. It is also designed to build confidence enabling participants to return to work and embrace their right to participate in efforts to eliminate or control exposure.
Unique to this particular WHSC training opportunity is the tailoring of program delivery to the specific needs and experiences of women in terms of their safety and health at work. Further still, resources aimed at women’s issues have been added to the supporting print materials. This includes information on reproductive hazards and other workplace exposures that specifically or disproportionately affect women.
The WHSC Level 1 Program is a pre-requisite to those who might want to become WHSC-qualified instructors. The CLC intends to run the WHSC Instructor Training Program at the 2016 CLC Ontario Region Summer School.
Note: Those who’ve completed WHSC Basic Certification Training will have already gained some insight into the basics of workplace health and safety. The WHSC Level 1 Program though will provide significant insight into the role workers and their representatives can play in securing safer and healthier workplaces.
Want additional information about the CLC’s Summer School?
Ontario Region Summer School 2015
CLC Women’s Summer School 2015
Contact CLC Ontario Region Office:
Call:     416-441-3710 or 1-800-387-3500 (ext. 221 or 222)
Want additional information about WHSC health and safety training and information services including that focused specifically on the needs of workers and their representatives?
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