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New Combined Skid Steer & Mini Excavator Operator Training

New Combined Skid Steer & Mini Excavator Operator Training
The Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC) has developed a new two day program designed to help workers understand safety aspects of operating skid steers and mini excavators.
This consolidated, but comprehensive training program uses the most current Skid Steer and Mini Excavator Operator participant manuals. Newly combined PowerPoint, instructor’s notes and worksheets have been developed to support the delivery of this dual training.
The first day involves six hours of in-class theoretical learning (see below for module details).
Day two includes approximately three hours of practicum for participants, including a demonstration of an inspection and safe operation of both machines. As this program is designed for new and experienced operators, some will require less than the three hours allotted, others more.
There are two inspection and two operator evaluation forms for each participant for the practicum element of this program.
Participants are asked to inspect the skid steer and mini excavator and complete the equipment inspection evaluation forms as they proceed.
Each participant will then operate the equipment. The instructor records completed elements on the evaluation form for both the skid steer and mini excavator. These evaluation forms are printed in triplicate on carbonless paper. When completed by the instructor the operator gets the pink copy, the training sponsor (union or employer) receives the yellow copy and the white copy is returned to WHSC.  

Skid Steer & Mini Excavator Operator training

Module 1—skid steer, mini excavator and the law

The first module is divided into three sessions introducing participants to the types of skid steers and mini excavators along with common and unique characteristics. This will include a close look at equipment specification tables and their role in calculating the rated capacity to avoid stability hazards. Discussions will also focus on the centre of gravity and its relationship to stability with both types of mobile equipment.

Module 2—health and safety hazards

This module consists of one session looking at workplace hazards and hazard categories.  The PowerPoint presentation contains many graphics to help illustrate hazards and means for controlling exposure. Videos are used to demonstrate the hazard of hitting underground utilities along with trench cave-ins.

Module 3—safe work procedures

The final module is divided into three sessions containing information on the responsibilities of a mini-excavator operator as it relates to operation of the equipment. Informative graphics and diagrams help participants to better understand control systems and how to operate the controls. A video will demonstrate safe use, inspection and transportation of the skid steer and mini excavator.  The third session of module three is the practicum element. 
Editor’s Note
This training program is available for booking now. Contact a WHSC training service representative for more details or to organize training:
Call: 1-888-869-7950