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WHSC Releases Basic Certification Version 11.0

WHSC Releases Basic Certification Version 11.0
Revisions to WHSC Basic Certification incorporate legislative changes and respond to instructors’ feedback to improve training and assist in successful delivery of the program.
Some revisions such as those to case studies and work sheets in chapters 13 and 14 address minor errors. Other more significant changes are listed below by chapter.

Chapter 3, Understanding the law

Both participant and instructor manuals have been amended to include a discussion of codes of practice in the section on guidelines and standards. This amendment was necessitated by the Ministry of Labour’s new code of practice for the implementation of newly required workplace harassment programs under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Both the code of practice and related changes under the Act come into force in September, 2016.

Chapter 4, Employer responsibilities

The participant and instructor manuals include a new discussion on the duty to address both violence and harassment in the workplace. Previously employers were required to develop and implement a workplace violence policy and program, and then only a policy for harassment. Edits to PowerPoint slide #11 present the new requirement.

Chapter 5, Worker participation

The action objective of this module has been edited to clarify duties of certified representatives. The title of worksheet #1 has also been changed to “Worker participation” to better the reflect intent of the exercise.

Chapter, 7, Joint health and safety members

The participant manual section on inspections has been edited to clarify the role of worker inspections in assisting the joint health and safety committees. Case study #3 in worksheet #2 has also been amended to better address issue of multi-workplace committees.

Chapter 8, The certified member

A sidebar graphic has been added to explain the two-step certification process for becoming a certified member. The instructor notes have been edited to reference the certification process more clearly.

Chapter 11, Hazard identification

Case studies #3 and #6 of worksheet #2 have been edited to provide more information so as to ease the completion of the worksheet exercise. To reflect new terms used by the new Globally Harmonized WHMIS system the term “MSDS”, or “material safety data sheet”, has been removed from worksheet #1 and replaced with “SDS”, or “safety data sheet”. WHSC’s ergonomic hazard identification tool is also now explained in a new participant manual sidebar and a related new section in the instructor notes.

Chapter 12, Hazard assessment

An error in worksheet #1 and a participant manual sidebar on limits has been corrected. The hazard document in case study #1 of worksheet #2 has been edited to remove answers required from the participant.

Chapter 15, Workplace investigation

The third step of a chronic disease investigation has been added to a diagram to reflect the written material.
WHSC thanks all instructors who took the time to provide feedback for this important course.
For more information and an overview of the program, please refer to the component form.
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