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WHSC clarifies educational techniques

WHSC clarifies educational techniques
As part of our recent revisions to the WHSC’s Instructor Training program, our program development department has reviewed the educational techniques used across our programs. After reviewing, we have settled on using the below-listed 14 techniques. These same techniques are now outlined in greater detail in our revised Instructor Training program.
Technique Brief Description
Active lecture Two-way communication between participants and instructors often driven by question-posing prompts from the instructor.
All on the wall  Collection of participant responses (written on cards) to question posed by the instructor which is categorized by the group.
Brainstorm Open-ended, non-judgemental collection of participants’ thoughts addressing a topic or issue provided by the instructor.
Buzz group Small group (3-5 learners) discussion allowing participants to practice new skill or knowledge under supervision of instructor.
Energizer Brief activities that require participating participants to stand up or move around for the purpose of invigoration.
Fishbowl Structured debate between groups of participants with minimal instructor guidance on a topic or issue provided by the instructor.
Game Quiz or other group challenge.
Lecturette One-way communication of information by instructor to participants.
Line up Physical placement of participants into groups based on responses to an issue or question.
Map Collection of plotted information provided by participants  and placed onto map, chart or drawing provided by the instructor.
Presentation or demonstration Performance by a participant that practically applies the skill or knowledge being developed or by an instructor that models it for participants.
Skits or role play Performance by participants (and which may include the instructor) to practice inter-personal skills or steps in a process.
Video Pre-recorded audio-visual presentation of stories, interviews or information.
Whole group discussion Discussion between participants with minimal instructor guidance, often prompted by a provocative question from the instructor.
The challenge for training program developers is to use the various techniques appropriately – managing the tempo and dynamic of the session and applying the right techniques to best meet the instructional, practicum and evaluation requirements of the session plan segment. Future E-notes will give detailed insight on commonly-used techniques.